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The Importance Of Balance Training

Balance Training is Vital to Preventing Falls

As we age, it is extremely important to be able to maintain our balance in a variety of situations.  Losing our balance or stability is the single largest contributing factor to home falls.  The majority of these falls can be prevented by maintaining our balance.

According to Vitality Coach Bill Troy, "We are on one leg more often than we think."  He cites many examples including getting in and out of the bath, reaching down to get the newspaper, getting in and out of the car, and many more.

Vitality Coach Bill Troy has prepared a short balance training sequence that can be performed anywhere.  "The key", says Coach Bill Troy, "is to find your core and perform the exercises in a slow controlled manner." 

You can find Vitality Coach Bill Troy's lesson on balance training here.

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Vitality Coach Bill Troy

Vitality Coach Bill Troy

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