Seated or Standing Tai Chi


Exercise Name Tai Chi balance
Body Region Total body
Targeted Muscles All major muscle groups
Equipment None
Frequency Daily or as desired
Coach's Tips

1.  Keep the toes pointed perpendicular to one another with knee's flexed.

2.  Remember to bring the front toe off the ground on the return movement.

3. Incorporate proper breathing (diaphramatic) into the movements, breathing out as the energy moves away from you and breathing in as your pull the energy back.

4. Perform the exercise as slow and controlled as possible.


This simple version of the practice of Tai Chi can provide strength, flexibility, and elementary endurance to almost anyone regardless of their physical condition.  But the benefits are more than purely physical.  Tai Chi is an excellent stress management tool and can be an enhancement to any lifestyle.

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Vitality Coach Bill Troy


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